If You Want to Become a Health Care Assistant, Here Are 5 Tips for Caring for Patients with Dementia

Dementia is a condition that leads to the progressive deterioration of a person’s behavioural and cognitive functioning. Problems with memory, independence, problem-solving, confusion, and judgment are among a variety of symptoms experienced by someone with dementia. As a Health Care Assistant (HCA), knowing what is necessary to give those with dementia the best possible care

Skills You’ll Need to Succeed in a Financial Accounting Career

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in financial accounting, it’s important to be aware of the skills that will help you to succeed. Financial accounting professionals are proficient in a number of accounting and financial practices, including the use of QuickBooks, familiarity with Manual Bookkeeping and Payroll and Employment Standards, knowledge of Sage 50,

4 Things to Include on Your CV if You Want to Launch Your Career in International Trade Management & Logistics

If you’re currently studying international trade management and logistics, chances are, you’ll be looking to launch your new career right after your program is finished. As a graduate from an international trade management program, you’ll be a professional who’s qualified to help businesses and organizations around the world keep track of their flow of products,

5 Ways that the Skills You Learn at Computerized Business School Will Help You Get Employed

The modern world revolves around technology, making computers an essential part of business operations. As a result, it should come as no surprise that employers look for those who possess computer skills when they’re hiring new talent. As a professional, being comfortable navigating workplace technology is an asset in completing almost any task. However, at

Anyone in a Dental Assistant Career Should Know the 5 Top Causes of Cavities

Cavities are an oral health problem that many people suffer from at least once in their lifetime. Cavities occur with tooth decay, which happens when our enamel breaks down and softens. With softening enamel, the acids that the natural bacteria in our mouths create can permeate the enamel more easily. This can result in cavities—tiny

3 Interview Questions to Prepare for After Completing Your Health Care Assistant Training

If you’re often told about your caring nature and patient attitude, then you might already be considering a career in health care. Health Care Assistants (HCA) provide important services to society, giving personal support and valuable care to clients—including seniors, people who have an injury or a disability, and anyone who might require short-term or

Why Communication Skills Are Vital for Those with Community Support Worker Training

Communication skills are key for professionals in almost every industry, but there are few professions where communication is as important as that of a community support worker. Community support workers lend support to people undergoing a range of challenges, from homelessness to mental health and addiction difficulties. These professionals assist people in working through the

Patience with Patients: Why This Skill Is Essential for Anyone in a Practical Nursing Career

Becoming a practical nurse is rewarding, but it demands a big commitment to the job. Practical nurses work with a variety of people in a fast-paced environment, so having the necessary qualities can make your job much easier and more enjoyable.  Patience is a key quality that every practical nurse will have to rely on

The Waiting Room Emergency: What Those in Medical Office Admin Training Should Know

A medical office administrator is integral to any medical office space, including waiting rooms. Medical office administrators are hard-working, known for having great organizational skills as well as a friendly and positive attitude as they work to complete important medical office procedures. They help to schedule appointments, manage office correspondences, organize patient files, order supplies,

[Infographic] 5 Signs You Should Become a Health Care Assistant

It takes a special kind of person to become a health care assistant. The job comes with new challenges and changing environments each day, and a good care aide will be able to rise to the occasion with a positive attitude, determination, and compassion. If you’re considering health care assistant training, it’s important to be