Nursing College Success: 4 Helpful Tips to Get You to Graduation

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Like many other forms of education, nursing school provides the comprehensive training and experience nurses need to do their jobs well, but it isn’t always easy. From coursework to practicum and acute care experience, nurses are required to balance many different areas of their studies, while keeping a healthy personal life.

Nursing school might be a challenge, but a little bit of planning and preparation can help you feel more confident about your academic performance and your capabilities as a healthcare professional. There are certain tried-and-true methods and techniques you can use that can keep you from feeling overwhelmed and ensure you’re putting in your best effort. Here are few tips that can help see you through to graduation and career success.

Nurses Know that Success Means Staying Organized and Being Prepared

When it comes to studying, exams, papers and deadlines, many students may feel as if they’re constantly running low on time. You can use organization and planning to manage your workload in ways you might not have thought of before.

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Discovery Community College students know preparation is key to success in and out of the classroom

Having a monthly planner, for instance, can help you keep track of your assignments and important dates in your nursing courses. This also means you won’t be surprised by any sudden exams or tests, and prevents you from being overwhelmed by due dates after your classes start.

Optimize the Way You Study during Nursing Courses

Everyone learns differently, but there are certain ways to study that can help you feel less stressed. Instead of trying to force a week’s worth of study into your free time on the weekend, set aside an hour or two each night to review the materials you went over in class.

Nursing often requires a certain amount of memorization. Try to use flashcards or notes and look at them as often as possible to help keep topics fresh in your mind. It’s also a good idea to use a study guide in case you need extra help with the material.

Form a Study Group with Other Students at Nursing College

One of the best methods of handling your coursework is to create a study group. Befriending other students at nursing college means that you not only have a group of people who understand the material, but you also have a strong support system in place that can help you when you need it.

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Having a study group in your nursing program helps create a friendly support system

Providing each other with notes and study sessions can enrich your educational experience because it keeps everyone in the group accountable and disciplined when it comes to learning the course material. It also gives you the chance to socialize while still keeping up with your studies.

Remember that Even Nurses Need Time to Relax

Spending all of your time studying isn’t healthy, and you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed. It’s a good idea to remember that nursing school is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t try to rush yourself, because constantly working can lead to burnout, where you feel emotionally and physically exhausted, causing you to fall behind in your studies.

In order to avoid always feeling overwhelmed, set aside some time to relax. Grab lunch with some friends, watch TV or take a brisk walk outside. A change of scenery or location can break the monotony and gives your mind a chance to pause and refresh for a little while before you hit the books again.

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