Note-Taking Tips for Students Considering Office Administration Training

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Working in office administration involves having a keen attention to detail, being extremely organized, and having excellent time management abilities. Effective note taking goes hand in hand with such skills. Good note-taking can help you absorb class material, study effectively, and even develop good habits that you can use during your career!

How can you make the most of your training and develop excellent note-taking habits? Read on for some tips on how to take better notes during your training in office administration!

Take Advantage of Online Note-Taking Tools

If you’re able to use a laptop in your classes during your office administration training, you’d do well to make good use of different types of note-taking technologies. Tools like Evernote, Simplenote, and Google Docs can help streamline how you write notes. Both Evernote and Simplenote are cloud-based systems, while Google Docs automatically saves onto your Google Drive. Additionally, all three platforms allow you to share notes with others, which can be especially useful if you decide to form a study group.

Of course, Microsoft Word is also a great tool for note taking, especially since MS Office is a tool you’ll learn to be proficient in as you prepare for a career in office administration. Using Microsoft Word to write up notes can help you gain familiarity with the software, and access or search through your notes quickly. For example, you can create a table of contents to help organize your notes and make information easy to find. In addition, visual learners might also benefit from adding images to notes, and using various formats and font types to help keep notes organized and easy to read.

Several types of note-taking software can be useful
Several types of note-taking software can be useful

Tips for Taking Notes on Paper During Your Office Administration Training

Writing down notes by hand can also be very valuable during your training or office administration career. In fact, some studies even say that this approach can be better for long-term retention.

When writing out notes by hand, there are a few tips you can use to make the most of this approach. For example, you don’t have to write down every single thing you hear; rather, be aware of the primary concepts you’ll need to remember and write in bullet points instead of full sentences. If certain points seem more important to remember than others, highlight or underline them. This can be a great trick for visual learners, and helps make important concepts stand out. When writing by hand, it’s also a good idea to make sure notes are written so you can easily read them. When notes are cramped too closely together, it can be harder to understand them when studying.

Also, try reviewing your notes right after class so they stay fresh in your memory, this way you can add in any details you might have missed. In addition, if anything seems ambiguous or confusing, you can also make a note of it and ask your teacher for clarification.

If you’re writing notes on paper, try to only write down the most important concepts
If you’re writing notes on paper, try to only write down the most important concepts

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