What’s International Trade Management? Find Out with Croix Auker at Discovery Community College

International Trade Management Program Offered in British Columbia

What is International Trade Management? And how does it relate to someone who wants to ship or receive goods across borders? For returning student, Croix Auker, these are great questions. He has just begun the 39-week International Trade Management program at Discovery Community College, and will be posting videos regularly as he learns about the industry.

Meet Croix Auker: International Trade Management Student

Who is Croix?  He’s a 24-year-old graduate of our Residential Construction Forming, Framing and Finishing Program, one of our popular trades options. Since finishing his first program in 2012, he’s been working in the construction industry; now he’s eager to learn about the logistics and business management portion of the trades. International Trade Management specializes in the supply chain side of manufacturing, imports and exports.

Stick with us as Croix takes us behind the scenes on a little-known but vitally important industry.

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