[Infographic] Is it Time to Change Careers?

Thinking about entering career training for something brand new? Many experienced workers find themselves at a point where they are considering making a change. Whether that means discovering a brand new avenue or building on skills they have from previous experiences, a professional journey is enriched by growth and discovery. You may be looking for a more lucrative position, or one that is more in line with your personal goals.

You’re less alone in your decision than you may think. In fact, one survey found that 35% of Canadians have followed 2 career paths, while 24% have followed 3 different paths. Community college programs give you the support and training that you need to follow your dreams and balance school with other commitments. If you’re wondering whether or not it’s time to make a switch, consider the following factors and decide what’s best for you. Read on to learn more!

Is it Time to Change Careers?

Signs you aren’t happy in your current career:

  • You are only holding your job to put food on the table
  • You don’t find personal fulfillment or enjoyment in your work
  • You aren’t looking forward to going to work
  • You daydream about doing something else for a living

What your career should offer you:

  • Opportunities for advancement and development
  • Good compensation
  • A sense of agency or control
  • A positive, respectful environment

Not seeing these benefits? Consider a change!

Physical signs you should pursue a new path:

Sometimes our bodies are the best indicator of excess stress or dissatisfaction in our careers—listen to what yours tells you!

  • Exhaustion or low energy
  • High levels of anxiety or stress
  • Reluctance or dread regarding the work week

Exhaustion can make us even more emotional—so if you’re experiencing this side effect of career dissatisfaction, it may be even harder for you to cope with difficult feelings at work.

How your self-esteem can improve with a new career:

  • More control
  • Feeling like you are contributing skills and value
  • Opportunities to keep advancing, developing, and growing
  • Confidence and a sense of accomplishment

How pursuing a new career path can bust your boredom:

  • Learn new skills and knowledge to stimulate your mind
  • Experience new environments, people, and ideas
  • Add variety to your professional story
  • Challenge yourself with new tasks and responsibilities

Did you know? Self-actualization is listed as one of Maslow’s human needs, referring to the desire to become what you are capable of being. A new career path might be your ticket!

Signs you might like to enter a career path:

  • You feel jealousy when others are on a particular path
  • You daydream about making a living in that career
  • Your personal interests and qualities point towards it
  • You feel curious, passionate, and excited by it

Is an exciting career coming to mind? Take the jump and begin training for a new profession—make those daydreams a reality!