Discover Community College Student Starts Self-paced Module

International Trade Management Program in British Columbia

In this mini-episode Croix welcomes everyone back from the holidays and dives right into his first week of CBA, which stands for computer business application. This is the self-paced part of the ITM program!

This part of the course takes place in the computer lab, as it is self paced. Textbooks and a desktop computer are provided and a student can go through the material as fast or as slow as they need to. In other words, Croix sets his own pace for studying. There are also instructors available to answer any questions that students may have.

Right now Croix and his peers are learning Microsoft Outlook, which is much more than just an email application. Microsoft Outlook has other uses, such as a personal information manager, a journal, and a notetaker. It can also schedule appointments and reminders.

Croix is looking forward to finishing this chapter of his course and moving on to the next one. Next up, Microsoft Excel! Croix will learn how to make and understand spreadsheets, which is a vital part of organizing information for international trade management.

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