3 Reasons a Humanistic Approach in HCA Training Prepares You for the Real World

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Humanism takes into account that we are all first and foremost human beings with a common experience. As health, life, and death are all integral parts of the human experience, humanism can be used in health care to remind us of important values. While humanism comes from philosophy, it is still studied with regards to how it relates to health care. It aspires to the greater good and recognizes the privilege of working with others.

A humanistic approach adds a personal “human touch” to your work in health care, complementing your technical abilities and knowledge, and fostering a caring attitude towards the people you work with. Read on for more about how humanism in your training will help you succeed.

1. Humanism Can Help You Cope Personally after Health Care Assistant Training

While health care is a fulfilling field full of exciting challenges and accomplishments, it’s also a line of work where there are many emotions involved. It’s important as a health care assistant to keep an eye on your own mental wellbeing. Because humanism tells you to value not just other people, but also yourself, you are reminded to exercise both self-respect and self-care, in order to stay strong and healthy for both your work and your personal life.

You may choose health care assistant training because you already posses the traits of a caring, kind individual who has respect for others. Humanism broadens those traits to include the same respect and caring attitude towards yourself. Burnout is a major issue in the health care industry, and using your personal philosophy to safeguard against it ensures a long, happy career.

Humanism reminds you to take time for yourself and stay healthy in your career
Humanism reminds you to take time for yourself and stay healthy in your career

2. Emphasizing Human Service Can Keep You Grounded

Humanism in health care emphasizes the privilege and importance of human service. This gives you values to hold onto when other aspects of the job become distracting or stressful. Health care careers can provide stability, achievement, and good salaries. At the core of your work, however, is the value of serving others and improving their lives, showing you the true meaning of what you do.

When workers see meaning in their work, they are more satisfied, happy, and less likely to burn out. This not only lets you see the value in the work you do every day, but also gives you a boost in self-esteem that strengthens your confidence.

3. Humanism with Your HCA Training Makes Clients Feel Cared For

Humanistic health care means that professionals are caring about their clients just as much as they are caring for them. Health care assistant college with a humanistic approach prepares you to invest emotionally in other people. While you will be able to have boundaries and professionalism, you can balance your service with genuine, honest concern for the people you see every day. This connects you to your clients and is something they will likely feel right away.

When people feel cared for, they are more likely to trust you and open up. The more they share with you, the more information you have and the easier it will be for you to develop a good relationship with them. Humanism places value on the experiences people have and sees them as just as important as technical information, which can be an important reminder in health care.

When you value clients as human beings, they feel cared for and connected to you
When you value clients as human beings, they feel cared for and connected to you

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