2020 Global Supply Chain Trends for Logistics School Students

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Economics, social trends, consumer behaviour, technology—these factors all significantly impact the international trade management field.

In 2020, increasing globalization, new technological developments, and more signal promise for those interested in supply chain management. It’s no secret that job opportunities in logistics, warehousing, and transportation fields have remained stable in recent years, and that this is expected to continue into the new decade as online shopping continues to grow in popularity.

From environmental innovations to increasingly integrated supply chains, read on to discover the exciting industry trends you can expect to see this year.

Those in International Trade Management College Should Know that the Field Is Going Green

Out of all the 2020 supply chain trends, ‘green logistics’ is likely the one that’s generating the most buzz—even those in other industries are talking about it! This year, companies are set to increase their use of renewable energy and integrate more eco-friendly solutions in order to become more sustainable.

One of the ways the field is ‘going green’ is by creating more environmentally friendly warehouses. These structures feature advanced energy management systems that monitor electricity, heat, water, and gas use—which mitigates fossil fuel usage while simultaneously saving money.

Another way that companies in the supply chain industry are being climate-conscious is by using electric and solar-powered vehicles for deliveries and shipments. Graduates of logistics school may have heard about the switch from plastic to cardboard packaging, for recycling purposes, as well as the overall attempt to reduce packaging when possible.

These solutions all help promote sustainability in the short-term—but in the long-term, those in the supply chain industry are trying to find alternative materials for creating and packaging products. This line of research, ‘climate-smart supply chain planning,’ is a pre-emptive search for new resources as popular materials grow scarce.

Not only do these changes positively impact the environment—they’re also shown to generate more business. Given that 60% of customers are fine with paying extra for a sustainable product, introducing eco-friendly initiatives helps companies attract new customers as well as improve customer loyalty.

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By using electric vehicles, those in international trade management can decrease fossil fuel usage

Circular Supply Chains: An Overview for Logistics School Students

In tandem with the green logistics trend is the expected increase in circular supply chains in 2020.

If you’ve completed an international trade management program, you’ll know that normally when manufacturers create and ship products, they’re expected to discard the materials. However, many are now creating circular supply chains, whereby companies break down waste and turn it back into raw materials, which can be used for future products.

This trend is expected to become more popular in 2020—and not just because of environmental concerns. As governments create more stringent regulations on waste disposal, circular supply chains allow those in the international trade field to safely, and sustainably, get rid of waste.

Supply Chain Management Is Becoming Increasingly Integrated

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, more and more companies that engage in international trade are looking to partner and integrate with third parties in order to expand their reach and optimize their shipments.

Integrated supply chain management involves offering inland delivery services and is especially helpful for shippers that use both land and sea transportation to move their products. With this supply chain trend expected to gain popularity in 2020, customers can expect better customer service and shorter delivery times.

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New third-party logistics technologies make it easier to integrate supply chains

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