What’s International Trade Management? Find Out with Croix Auker at Discovery Community College

International Trade Management Program Offered in British Columbia What is International Trade Management? And how does it relate to someone who wants to ship or receive goods across borders? For returning student, Croix Auker, these are great questions. He has just begun the 39-week International Trade Management program at Discovery Community College, and will be posting

Police Foundations Program at Discovery: What You Need To Know

When students attend the Police Foundations Program at any of our campuses they learn from people with a terrific amount of law enforcement experience in the legal field. One of these instructors is Patrick Tracy, who teaches at the Surrey campus. Police Foundations Program, Explained In this video, Patrick describes what you can expect of

New Career and New Confidence: Sukhjit’s Story

Hi, my name is Sukhjit Bains. I just graduated from the Dental Assisting Level II Diploma program at Discovery Community College’s Surrey campus in March 2016. I first inquired with Discovery back in January 2015.  Neeru was my career advisor. She helped answer all my questions and gave me an inside to what the future could look

Dental Assistant Training at Discovery – Shannon’s Story

What reasons can you think of to train for a new career? Sometimes, people choose Discovery Community College because they feel underemployed. Others, like Shannon Carlsen, have what look like great careers, but they are no longer fulfilling. Shannon’s Story: From Office Towers to Dental Offices Shannon was a PR manager in the gold mining

Today’s Office Administrator – Multiple Talents Needed

If you are looking for a position with a ton of variety and challenge, then training as an office administrator is a great way to kickstart your career. Today’s office administrator often coordinates the work of whole teams of people. One moment you’ll be deep in a spreadsheet going over budget figures, and the next, you’ll

5 Reasons to Take Dental Assistant Certification Training

In BC, it’s possible to become a dental assistant without any formal training, but is it wise to do so? Dental assistant certification has a number of excellent advantages over on-the-job training; here are 5 reasons why you may want to consider taking training to boost your dental assistant qualifications from Level I (dental assistant)

From Medical Assisting to Practical Nursing – How Do You Get There?

Do you have experience as a medical assistant, either under the Health Care Assistant qualification or Registered Care Aide designation? If so, you may want to consider an access program to train as a Practical Nurse. Hands-On Patient Care With Greater Responsibility As a health care assistant / care aide, you know how to interact directly with patients.